Frequently Asked Questions

How will the $31,000 campaign goal help support the 50,000 low-income children and families granted Museum access through the Every Child program each year?

Answer: The Be a Child's Hero campaign is part of a larger annual effort to raise $400,000+ ($80,000+ from individuals alone) to bring these 50,000 children and families in need of a helping hand to the Museum. With your help, we can reach the $31,000 goal and raise over a third of the individual support needed to provide these critical experiences to Phoenix families. 

How does my donation support the Children's Museum of Phoenix?

Answer: Every dollar is being used to support the Museum's Every Child program, reducing the barriers that prevent families facing social, emotional and financial challenges from visiting the Museum. Your donations provide free and significantly reduced field trips to students at Title One schools; year-long family memberships to participants in the WIC program (families at 200% or more below the poverty line); free passes to organizations that work with homeless and low-income families, children in foster care, and children that have been abused and neglected; and so much more.

How many kids will my donation bring to the Museum?

Answer: On average, every $7 donated supports one more child's first visit to the Museum - an experience that enables them to laugh, learn and thrive, and grow into healthy, productive and happy adults. Feel free to consider this when deciding how much to give.    

There are many organizations working to help Phoenix children and families in one way or another. What sets the Children's Museum of Phoenix apart?

Answer: The Children's Museum of Phoenix is one organization among many working to support Phoenix area families. The Museum works hard to act as a spark for many families, serving as a safe, non-threatening gateway to other cultural institutions and community resources. We provide a range of learning experiences that address the critical areas of literacy development; fine and gross motor skills; hand, eye and whole body movement; parent-child interaction; cultural awareness and so much more - in a joyful and non-traditional setting where children and adults explore freely, together. We partner with other organizations to enhance our staff expertise, and to equally extend the reach of our partners (for instance, Arizona State University, the Arizona Science Center, Phoenix Theatre, Association of Supportive Child Care, New Directions Institute, Sojourner Center, and many more). On top of that, the Museum is a nationally-renowned destination for Arizona visitors that promotes a greater vitality for the region.

Why should I care about early childhood learning opportunities? What is the urgency?

Answer: Phoenix is the “youngest” big city in the United States. According to Phoenix Children’s Hospital, there are projected to be 1.6 million children living in Maricopa County by 2025. Most of what is learned in life is learned before the age of 5 - education cannot wait until kindergarten. Cost is a major factor impacting low-income and at-risk families’ ability to access early learning opportunities. One in two young children in Arizona live in low-income families - and often begin kindergarten with increased risk factors. Without positive action now, this lack of access will put a substantial portion of Arizona's children at risk for adverse educational, health, and other negative outcomes that will limit their future.

Please help! Every tax-deductible donation will bring us closer to ensuring that truly Every Child can enjoy this one-of-a-kind place of learning and play.

If your donation qualifies you for a PLAYMAKER membership ($1,200+), you will be contacted by Tammy Lynn McConahay; Development Officer at Children's Museum of Phoenix within one week.  


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